What is Everyday Heroes?

The team at Think Freely Media is happy to announce a new project, launching this week.

Everyday Heroes is a new feature on TFM’s blog about ordinary people transforming their communities. It is these unsung heroes, often the very ones that the government has failed, that are on the ground changing lives. Too often, celebrities and politicians call for even more money for failing government programs, declaring they’re the key to righting societal wrongs. But, in reality, it’s everyday individuals who are on the ground taking care of the vulnerable and forgotten, not government officials. While bureaucracy, greed and mismanagement plague public programs, it’s the efforts of ordinary people and private charities that make the biggest difference in society.

Critics of government programs often say that private institutions can take care of citizens better than government agencies, but they rarely say what people or organizations are doing these noble things. Our goal is to highlight these great Americans, share their stories and the incredible impact they are having for the poor and disadvantaged. It’s neighbor helping neighbor that will ultimately help those in need, not the bureaucrats in the government.

We can’t wait to share the story of our first Everyday Hero with you later this week.  If you know an Everyday Hero we should feature, please email us at eh@thinkfreelymedia.org so we can share his or her story.


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