Watered Gardens Wants Lasting Change for the Poor

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty, with the aim of providing government programs to stamp out poverty across our nation. The problem is, poverty has continued in full force ever since the war “began” over 50 years ago.

James Whitford saw the great need in his own community of Joplin, Missouri, and started volunteering to help the poor. A physical therapist by trade, Whitford decided to give up his career in order to care for others. He’s been serving others full time for sixteen years now.

“There’s a lot of people hurting in our nation today who need help, real help,” Whitford told Everday Heroes Radio. “Our compassion and heart for the poor can lead to a lot of things that we do, but we’ve got to check if our good intention is effective or not.”

So, Whitford and his wife founded Watered Gardens, a nonprofit focused on finding lasting solutions to poverty that result in empowered people. They help around 20,000 people a year and feed about 45,000 people.

What makes Whitford’s approach so effective? Find out on the latest episode of Everyday Heroes Radio

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