This Bank Is Helping Retired Veterans Become Entrepreneurs

During this polarized political season, Bernie Sanders has made his mark by attacking Wall Street, whose profiteers are — in his assessment, anyway — nothing but greedy scavengers looting the landscape.

By definition, banks are in it to make money. There’s no denying that sometimes immoral, cutthroat people run these companies. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone in the banking industry is a cold-hearted villain.

In fact, many in the banking industry want to see others succeed just as much as they have, and they know that investing in their communities benefits everyone. Sometimes they even provide opportunities to help other people succeed in new professions. In New Jersey, a bank, a banking foundation, a law firm and an accounting firm have teamed up to provide education for retired military veterans so they can start new careers as entrepreneurs.

Grand Bank in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, gave a $50,000 donation to Rider University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The New Jersey Bankers Education Foundation also donated $10,000, while the Saul Ewing law firm and the accounting firm Wilkin & Guttenplan each donated $5,000 toward the project.

The program provides a nine-week summer training course for retired military veterans looking to start a new career or business. The course helps enrollees develop a business plan for an idea or assists them to get started with an already existing business venture.

Classes in the entrepreneurial program cover topics like market research, business plans, operations and financial management. Students create a business concept and, if the concept is approved, move on to establish the business. After completing the course, students will meet for one year with mentors who guide them through the ins and outs of start-ups or revamps.

The program is free, but is limited to 20 students. Now in its third year, it promises to continue to deliver new opportunities to our country’s bravest.





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