Thank You From the Everyday Heroes Team

For almost a year, Everyday Heroes profiled charities, businesses and individuals that transformed their communities, showing that everyday heroes are alive and well in our nation. Our goal was to show that private enterprise care for the poor better than government agencies. Many of the organizations we talked to did their best to help people off government programs and back to living their lives, in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Beginning in April, Everyday Heroes will become a feature on Think Freely Media’s (TFM) website.  Everyday Heroes has always been a project of TFM, an organization dedicated to producing and sharing emotionally compelling content.  It only makes sense that more of this content live on the TFM website and we look forward to bringing you more in-depth profiles of organizations and individuals that are dedicated to making the world a better place, and the individuals who are on the receiving end of this generosity.

If you’d like to continue on with us on our journey to promoting these everyday heroes, please check out our work at Think Freely Media.  If you know of an organization or individual we should profile, please share their name and story with us at

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