Feeding America Wants Food Security for Every American This Holiday Season

For generations, Americans have gathered on a Thursday in November to commemorate the first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means different things to different people, but one thing remains the staple for every gathering: food. Thanksgiving dinners are well-known for leaving people in “turkey comas” after they consume a massive quantity of food. But for millions of Americans,… Read More

Bob Vogelbaugh, also known as Mr. Thanksgiving, has been serving the Quad City region with free Thanksgiving dinners for over 40 years.

‘Mr. Thanksgiving’ Welcomes Everyone to the Holiday Table

Forty-six years ago, the owner of a small grocery store in Moline, Illinois, discovered that some of his customers were about to spend Thanksgiving alone. Many had no families, or their children had all grown, or their spouses had passed away. It saddened Bob Vogelbaugh to think that the holiday, for these folks, would be… Read More