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Everyday Heroes Radio — Jobs for Life

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Alex Ford, marketing and communications manager for Jobs for Life, an organization devoted to bringing the poor out of poverty by helping them find stable jobs. Please check out their website for more information:


Watered Gardens Wants Lasting Change for the Poor

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty, with the aim of providing government programs to stamp out poverty across our nation. The problem is, poverty has continued in full force ever since the war “began” over 50 years ago. James Whitford saw the great need in his own community of Joplin, Missouri,… Read More


Needy Meds Provides Prescription Drug Help to Those in Need

For some patients, finding affordable prescription drugs can seem impossible. Even after the much-publicized scandal of the exorbitant rise in cost of EpiPens, other medications like insulin also continue to soar in price. Since 2004, the cost of some insulin products is up 400 percent, reports show. These are the sorts of spiraling prescription drug… Read More


How One Non Profit Is Transforming This Poverty-Stricken Chicago Neighborhood

What will end the violence in Chicago? For Robbin Carroll, the answer is relationships. Carroll is the founder and president of I Grow Chicago, a nonprofit dedicated to providing a safe place for kids and at-risk community members in Englewood, one of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Chicago. It began one day when Carroll was… Read More


This Is How Utah’s Crossroads Urban Center Cares for the Poor

For 50 years, Crossroads Urban Center has fed, clothed, housed and advocated for the poor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Crossroads began in 1966 when the United Methodist Women created an organization to provide for their low-income neighbors, people with disabilities and others facing obstacles to obtaining their daily needs. Today it operates an emergency… Read More