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Everyday Heroes Radio — Jobs for Life

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Alex Ford, marketing and communications manager for Jobs for Life, an organization devoted to bringing the poor out of poverty by helping them find stable jobs. Please check out their website for more information:


This Organization Cares for Homeless Female Veterans

The harsh reality of homeless veterans sometimes hits the news. That people should serve our country, give their all, be honorably discharged and then face living on the streets is a horror. Yet, the situation often grows even more dire for female veterans. Jas Boothe learned this firsthand while she served in the United States… Read More

Media Kit II - Homeboy Mug

Homeboy Industries Gives New Life to Former Gang Members

In 1988, Father Greg Boyle got sick of burying young men and women gunned down by gangs on the streets of Los Angeles. But what would fix the persistent gang violence? Boyle believed giving hope and providing jobs for the gang members would change everything. Now, almost 30 years later, he runs what has become… Read More


This Charity Gives Homeless Pregnant Women a New Start

Martha Ryan began her philanthropic career in the Peace Corps. Only after she became a nurse practitioner and enrolled to get her master’s degree in public health did she start working with homeless women in San Francisco. “I had not intended to do what I’m doing,” Ryan said. “It grew out of a volunteer effort.”… Read More


The WorkFaith Connection Helps the Unemployed Get a Second Chance

Ten years ago, while running a for-profit business, Sandy Schultz decided to change her life’s direction so that she could help others to change theirs. She founded the WorkFaith Connection after seeing how difficult it was for people who had strayed off the path to return to a life of work, social interaction and community…. Read More


This Dad Put His 5 Kids Through Boston College in the Most Admirable Way

Parents look forward to their children walking across the graduation platform. What they don’t like is the price tag that’s about to come when their high school grad enters college. The average cost of college tuition has risen exponentially over the past few decades crippling students with unmanageable debt. Some lucky students have parents who… Read More