Here’s an Easy Way You Can Be Santa Claus to Needy Children

Every year, thousands of children write to Santa Claus, mailing their missives through the U.S. Postal Service. The letters don’t, however, reach the jolly old man. Typically, local post office employees — resources allowing — gather them together and respond to the children in Santa’s name. Operation Santa, as it’s called, has been around since… Read More


The Holiday Project Wants Everyone to Have Visitors This Holiday Season

On Christmas Day in 1972, eight San Francisco residents decided to visit a local hospital for the elderly. They had lunch with the residents, talked, laughed. And then they decided to do something they hadn’t initially planned — come back the next year with more people. From that first meeting, the idea of groups of… Read More

Bob Vogelbaugh, also known as Mr. Thanksgiving, has been serving the Quad City region with free Thanksgiving dinners for over 40 years.

‘Mr. Thanksgiving’ Welcomes Everyone to the Holiday Table

Forty-six years ago, the owner of a small grocery store in Moline, Illinois, discovered that some of his customers were about to spend Thanksgiving alone. Many had no families, or their children had all grown, or their spouses had passed away. It saddened Bob Vogelbaugh to think that the holiday, for these folks, would be… Read More