This Organization Wants to Show Kids How to Be Good Sports

People tend to think that sports can be either fun or competitive; they don’t think it can be both. John O’Sullivan is here to tell you that’s not the case.

O’Sullivan grew up playing sports and when it came time to see his kids go into athletics, he grew frustrated.

“I was getting fed up in sports with coaches that didn’t get it, parents who didn’t get it and youth sports organizations,” O’Sullivan said. “They all seemed to be serving the needs and values and priorities of the adults and not what the kids wanted.”

That’s the reason, he says, that right now three-quarters of kids drop out of youth sports by the time they’re 13.

So, O’Sullivan started Changing the Game, an organization devoted to giving sports back to kids so that the players are the focus.

Want to know how O’Sullivan is doing this? Want to know how to put the focus back on your kids in sports? Check out Jodi’s interview with him on Everyday Heroes Radio.

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