This Organization Helps Students Defend Liberty on College Campuses

Many believe college campuses have become politically moribund, that the free exchange of ideas is no longer available to students. Professors teach from a specific slant while muzzling the expression of alternate views — particularly eschewing ideas like classical liberalism. And it’s not just in America where these concerns are rising, it’s also in Europe.

But how do you change that? How do you empower young people in college that are looking for different ideas when their professors refuse to teach certain concepts?

That’s where organizations like Students for Liberty come in; they empower and train those who are interested in liberty-minded policy and thoughts.

Wolf von Laer, currently in Sweden but based in the U.K., is the chief executive officer of Students for Liberty. He believes classical liberalism — or the belief that free markets, personal accountability and individual freedom are the keys to a healthy, prosperous life — is under attack on campuses around the world. So, he’s dedicated his life to empowering young people who are interested in classical liberalism to pursue their interests.

“Our students create incredible things,” von Laer said. “They organize campus events with thousands of participants. They have startup incubators to start businesses to flourish as well as to understand why a free society is necessary for businesses in the first place. They help refugees, they protest the drug war, depending on what they are passionate about.”

In short, the students pursue their passions while also advancing the ideas of freedom and liberty.

“We are just trying to help them achieve those goals and become more effective advocates for the ideas [we] cherish,” von Laer added.

So how do they do this? Listen to this week’s episode of Everyday Heroes Radio with Jodi Carroll to find out.


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