This Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand Turned Into a Fundraising Institution

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Alexandra Scott wasn’t even a year old when she was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. Her shocked parents found out she had neuroblastoma, and that even if she beat it, she would probably never walk.

Alexandra had other ideas.

She fought bravely and valiantly against the childhood cancer and succeeded by the age of 2 to walk. Sadly, by the time she was 3, the tumors had started growing again.

After receiving a stem cell transplant at age 4, Alex went to her mother and said, “When I get out of the hospital, I want to have a lemonade stand.” The preschooler wanted to raise money for the doctors who had worked so tirelessly to save her life, so they could “help other kids like they helped me.”

With the help of her brother, Alex started a lemonade stand that raised $2,000 for her hospital. Soon, it became an annual tradition to raise money for cancer research. As news spread of her initiative, others began hosting lemonade stands and donating their money to her cause.

Sadly, Alexandra died in 2004 when she was just 8, but not before having raised over $1 million for cancer research. The lemonade stand, which soon became Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), continues to raise money for cancer research in Alexandra’s name.

ALSF raises money to find new treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Since its founding, the charity has raised more than $140 million for cancer research and funded 690 research projects in the United States and Canada. Nonprofit hospitals are eligible for these grants. Along with donations from individuals, they also receive business and corporation donations.

In addition to research grants, ALSF provides grants to educate nurses on caring for children with cancer as well as transportation and lodging near treatment facilities for families facing financial difficulties.

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