How Facts Turn People Into Heroes


James Agresti always liked facts. As a man who likes to keep up with politics, it proved especially handy when in conversation. Now, as president of, he gets to sit with them all day long.

“I always seemed to have facts at the tip of my tongue,” Agresti told Everyday Heroes Radio. “I was an engineer and thought in terms of numbers and facts, and if the facts aren’t right, the plane doesn’t fly.”

During the 1996 election, Agresti and his brother, Tom, often would debate the candidates’ merits.

“My brother and I would discuss the election and various facets of it, how we felt about different issues,” James Agresti said. “And anytime he expressed an opinion, I would typically say, ‘That’s a legitimate opinion as far as opinions go, but did you consider this fact? And have you thought about this fact and that fact?’”

Seeing James’ great gift for facts, Tom Agresti set up a website for his brother called to provide just that — facts about today’s leading issues without spin or interpretation. Agresti says the website provides information while asking people to make independent decisions for themselves.

So, what makes James Agresti an Everyday Hero? Listen to the Everyday Heroes Radio episode to find out.

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