Watered Gardens Wants Lasting Change for the Poor

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty, with the aim of providing government programs to stamp out poverty across our nation. The problem is, poverty has continued in full force ever since the war “began” over 50 years ago. James Whitford saw the great need in his own community of Joplin, Missouri,… Read More

Media Kit II - Homeboy Mug

Homeboy Industries Gives New Life to Former Gang Members

In 1988, Father Greg Boyle got sick of burying young men and women gunned down by gangs on the streets of Los Angeles. But what would fix the persistent gang violence? Boyle believed giving hope and providing jobs for the gang members would change everything. Now, almost 30 years later, he runs what has become… Read More


Family Promise Builds a Sustainable Future for Homeless Families

Buying a sandwich for a homeless woman on a New York City street was a life-changer for Karen Olson. More than 30 years later, the initiative Olson started after that simple exchange of kindness and conversation has helped over 700,000 people in 47 states. Olson will never forget the humble beginnings of the organization she… Read More


The WorkFaith Connection Helps the Unemployed Get a Second Chance

Ten years ago, while running a for-profit business, Sandy Schultz decided to change her life’s direction so that she could help others to change theirs. She founded the WorkFaith Connection after seeing how difficult it was for people who had strayed off the path to return to a life of work, social interaction and community…. Read More


Blackbox International Helps Rehabilitate Boys Rescued from Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, in which a person is forced to work for others, is one of the worst realities in the modern world. Whether it’s for cheap labor or sexual exploitation, the practice is perhaps most heartbreaking when you consider the number of children involved. According to a 2002 report by the International Labor Organization, about… Read More

modest needs

Modest Needs Helps Hard Workers Who Fall on Hard Times

Millions of people live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes working two and three jobs to make ends meet. They scrape to meet their weekly bills. They worry over money, terrified that one sickness could land them in such dire financial straits that homelessness becomes a real possibility. With no time left in the day to add… Read More