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Team Rubicon Brings Relief to Victims of Natural Disasters

What do retired Marines do? Like retirees from any profession, a variety of things. But one thing remains consistent among all of them: They are Marines. And when disaster strikes, an inner voice tugs at their hearts to do something about it. That’s what happened to Jake Wood and William McNulty in 2010 when a… Read More


This Organization Cares for Homeless Female Veterans

The harsh reality of homeless veterans sometimes hits the news. That people should serve our country, give their all, be honorably discharged and then face living on the streets is a horror. Yet, the situation often grows even more dire for female veterans. Jas Boothe learned this firsthand while she served in the United States… Read More

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Here’s How the Home Depot Foundation Takes Care of Our Veterans

After a decade of good deeds, Home Depot Foundation leaders decided to reevaluate their focus in 2011. They’d always honed in on affordable housing, but when they began evaluating the populations who could benefit from their help, they discovered seniors, the disabled and veterans were their top candidates. However, they quickly saw that veterans included… Read More


This Bank Is Helping Retired Veterans Become Entrepreneurs

During this polarized political season, Bernie Sanders has made his mark by attacking Wall Street, whose profiteers are — in his assessment, anyway — nothing but greedy scavengers looting the landscape. By definition, banks are in it to make money. There’s no denying that sometimes immoral, cutthroat people run these companies. However, that doesn’t mean… Read More