Bob Vogelbaugh, also known as Mr. Thanksgiving, has been serving the Quad City region with free Thanksgiving dinners for over 40 years.

‘Mr. Thanksgiving’ Welcomes Everyone to the Holiday Table

Forty-six years ago, the owner of a small grocery store in Moline, Illinois, discovered that some of his customers were about to spend Thanksgiving alone. Many had no families, or their children had all grown, or their spouses had passed away. It saddened Bob Vogelbaugh to think that the holiday, for these folks, would be… Read More

Jason Brown

This Man Quit the NFL to Farm and Feed the Hungry

Most boys dream of making it to the NFL; few taste the reality. Those who do make it into the NFL will do anything they can to hold on to their glorious position, right? For one of the best centers in the league, the answer was a resounding no. Jason Brown had made it to… Read More


This Dad Put His 5 Kids Through Boston College in the Most Admirable Way

Parents look forward to their children walking across the graduation platform. What they don’t like is the price tag that’s about to come when their high school grad enters college. The average cost of college tuition has risen exponentially over the past few decades crippling students with unmanageable debt. Some lucky students have parents who… Read More

How Russell Wilson’s ‘Good Man Brand’ Hopes to Transform Lives

If you’re not a sports fan, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will make you one. He’s handsome, charming and spends a ridiculous amount of time volunteering for charitable organizations and visiting children’s hospitals. He’s stylish, successful and one of the top quarterbacks in the National Football League. Turns out he’s also an entrepreneur and is… Read More