CaringKind Supports Alzheimer’s Caregivers in New York City

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most heartbreaking ways to lose a loved one. Instead of seeing husbands, wives, parents or grandparents enjoy their golden years, caregivers often see their loved ones forget their names and faces. Joyous memories become one-sided as recognition and memory fade. Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible form of dementia that… Read More


Needy Meds Provides Prescription Drug Help to Those in Need

For some patients, finding affordable prescription drugs can seem impossible. Even after the much-publicized scandal of the exorbitant rise in cost of EpiPens, other medications like insulin also continue to soar in price. Since 2004, the cost of some insulin products is up 400 percent, reports show. These are the sorts of spiraling prescription drug… Read More


This Charity Gives Homeless Pregnant Women a New Start

Martha Ryan began her philanthropic career in the Peace Corps. Only after she became a nurse practitioner and enrolled to get her master’s degree in public health did she start working with homeless women in San Francisco. “I had not intended to do what I’m doing,” Ryan said. “It grew out of a volunteer effort.”… Read More


How Mental Health America Changes the Way Mental Illness Is Treated in the US

In 1908, Yale graduate Clifford Beers published a book detailing his treatment while institutionalized for three years because of mental illnesses. His experiences in both private and public institutions and his observations of the mistreatment of others caused a stir throughout America. People’s eyes were opened to the degradation untold numbers of patients faced every… Read More


Could Health Care Cost-Sharing Be the Answer to Insurance?

Health insurance has always been a pain, but for many people, it’s become worse. Though some have found affordable heath care plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many others have found themselves shelling out even more, or having their insurance plans canceled. Even worse off are the people who fall in the gap where they… Read More


Angel Flight Central Provides Free Transportation to Those Who Need It Most

Income brackets mean nothing to cancer, but they mean everything to the sick who can’t pay for treatment. Sometimes treatment waits in other states, but is too far away for people to drive. Flights become necessary, and with flights come cost. What happens when the expense of transportation prevents people from receiving life-saving medical treatment?… Read More