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How Moms Against Sexual Abuse Is Transforming Lives

Dr. Claire Reeves knows too well about the monsters preying on children in America. A psychologist, Reeves often testifies in court in sexual assault cases involving children. But in 1992, she’d had enough of just testifying. She wanted to do something about a recurring issue she kept coming across: courts returning children to parents accused… Read More


How One Non Profit Is Transforming This Poverty-Stricken Chicago Neighborhood

What will end the violence in Chicago? For Robbin Carroll, the answer is relationships. Carroll is the founder and president of I Grow Chicago, a nonprofit dedicated to providing a safe place for kids and at-risk community members in Englewood, one of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Chicago. It began one day when Carroll was… Read More


This Charity Gives Homeless Pregnant Women a New Start

Martha Ryan began her philanthropic career in the Peace Corps. Only after she became a nurse practitioner and enrolled to get her master’s degree in public health did she start working with homeless women in San Francisco. “I had not intended to do what I’m doing,” Ryan said. “It grew out of a volunteer effort.”… Read More

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This Foundation Support Victims of Gun Violence

The death toll from gun violence in Chicago this year has left people angry and astounded. Like many other political matters in our country today, it’s driven a wedge between communities, pitting neighbor against neighbor. However, no matter whether you are a gun rights advocate or believe in gun control, everyone can agree that what’s… Read More