Thank You From the Everyday Heroes Team

For almost a year, Everyday Heroes profiled charities, businesses and individuals that transformed their communities, showing that everyday heroes are alive and well in our nation. Our goal was to show that private enterprise care for the poor better than government agencies. Many of the organizations we talked to did their best to help people… Read More


ITNAmerica Wants Every Senior to Have a Safe Ride

Katherine Freund’s life changed 30 years ago when an elderly driver ran over her son, giving him a brain injury. Her son recovered, but the incident remained cemented in her memory. “Right after that I went back to school to study public policy and I realized that what had happened to me, my little boy,… Read More


This Organization Cares for Homeless Female Veterans

The harsh reality of homeless veterans sometimes hits the news. That people should serve our country, give their all, be honorably discharged and then face living on the streets is a horror. Yet, the situation often grows even more dire for female veterans. Jas Boothe learned this firsthand while she served in the United States… Read More

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Girl Forward Helps Refugee Girls Resettle in the US

Blair Brettschneider was in AmeriCorps when she started working with a Burundi refugee family. Wanting to help as much as she could, Brettschneider tutored the eldest daughter in the family, 18-year-old Domi. Little did she realize how Domi would change her life. Shortly after she started working with the teen, Brettschneider saw all of the… Read More

The ‘Cajun Navy’ Is Helping Victims of Louisiana’s Flooding

Rob Gaudet is an engineer by trade, but ever since flooding started in Louisiana last month, he’s been in an office, coordinating efforts by the newly coined, citizen-led Cajun Navy. Gaudet didn’t start the Cajun Navy; he found the organic and thriving group already operating on Facebook. At first he wanted to go into the… Read More

What is Everyday Heroes?

The team at Think Freely Media is happy to announce a new project, launching this week. Everyday Heroes is a new feature on TFM’s blog about ordinary people transforming their communities. It is these unsung heroes, often the very ones that the government has failed, that are on the ground changing lives. Too often, celebrities and… Read More