Everyday Heroes Radio — Planet Talk

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Patrick Moore and William Happer, two scientists from the CO2 Coalition who believe carbon dioxide isn’t as bad for the planet as we sometimes think. Agree with them or not, their voices are worth hearing


Everyday Heroes Radio — Better Yes Network

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Joe Coletti of the Better Yes Network to hear the incredible ways this nonprofit is transforming lives through forming communities and relationships. For more information or to find out more, check out  


Everyday Heroes Radio — Heroes of Liberty

Have you ever felt like your liberties were in jeopardy? In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks to Wolf von Laer of Students for Liberty and Shelby Emmett of FIRE, two organizations that are fighting for your liberties both here in America and around the world. Learn more about these organizations by checking out… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — Facts Will Set Us Free

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with James Agresti, the founder and president of Just Facts, to hear about his effort to support independent thinking by providing facts without the spin. To learn more about Just Facts, visit their website:


Everyday Heroes Radio — Reality Changers

We often hear in the news about shooting and crimes perpetrated by gang culture. However, there are former gang members in communities working to get teens off the streets and out of the gang lifestyle. In today’s episode, Jodi speaks to Christopher Yanov, the founder and president of Reality Changers, about the organization’s mission to… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio – Homelessness

The homeless: you pass them sometimes without even knowing it. Most don’t choose such a life, but have been put there because of harsh circumstances or bad choices. What happens when the homeless want to change their situation? Thankfully, charities like Family Promise and Volunteers of America to step in and help those that need… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio – Conservation

Where would we be without our wildlife? Today’s Everyday Heroes are working hard so that we don’t have to answer that question. Jodi speaks with Peter Muller of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Kate Runge of Living Lands and Waters and Joel Salatin of Polyface farms to hear the amazing work they’re doing to preserve… Read More


The WorkFaith Connection Helps the Unemployed Get a Second Chance

Ten years ago, while running a for-profit business, Sandy Schultz decided to change her life’s direction so that she could help others to change theirs. She founded the WorkFaith Connection after seeing how difficult it was for people who had strayed off the path to return to a life of work, social interaction and community…. Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio – Conscious Capitalism

Do you think of businesses as being heartless? In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi interviews Alexander McCobin of Conscious Capitalism, Inc, Ron Alvesteffer of Service Express, Inc and Curtis Hite of Improving, to talk about how much some businesses really do care about their communities. To learn more, please check out their websites:… Read More


Blackbox International Helps Rehabilitate Boys Rescued from Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, in which a person is forced to work for others, is one of the worst realities in the modern world. Whether it’s for cheap labor or sexual exploitation, the practice is perhaps most heartbreaking when you consider the number of children involved. According to a 2002 report by the International Labor Organization, about… Read More