Everyday Heroes Radio — Healthy Kids Outside

In this fun episode, Jodi speaks with Mark Carr, the founder of Healthy Kids Outside, about the role all adults have to help get kids outside. Learn more about how Mark is helping in this initiative at

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Everyday Heroes Radio — Jobs for Life

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Alex Ford, marketing and communications manager for Jobs for Life, an organization devoted to bringing the poor out of poverty by helping them find stable jobs. Please check out their website for more information:


Everyday Heroes Radio — Watchdogs

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks to Edgar County Watchdog founders John Kraft and Kirk Allen about how they are keeping their local officials in check. Visit their website at


Everyday Heroes Radio — School Choice

It is National School Choice week and on today’s episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with some representatives who are doing their part to ensure that all kids, especially those within our nation’s inner cities, are not locked in bad schools, but instead have choices and opportunities through education. We hear from Colin Sharkey, the… Read More

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Everyday Heroes Radio — Heroes of Health Care

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with Barbara Colley about her experiences with health insurance through ObamaCare, and we hear from Barbara’s new Direct Primary Care physician Dr. Chad Savage. Then Jodi talks with Dr. Keith Smith, Co-Founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma to learn about the direct health care system beyond… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — Freedom and Virtue Institute

On this very inspiring episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with Ismael Hernandez as he shares the story of his transformative journey moving from Puerto Rico where he was an anti-American, pro-communist young man to landing in the deep south of America where he says his lungs were filled with the fresh air of liberty…. Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — National Association of Scholars

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with Peter Wood and Ashley Thorne, the President and Executive Director of the National Association of Scholars, a non-profit network of scholars and citizens united by their commitment to academic freedom and excellence in American higher education. Please check out their website at


Everyday Heroes Radio — Against Crony Capitalism

Far too many people work hard yet continue to struggle with making ends meet or getting ahead. Fortunately, there are heroes out there working hard to rid our nation of what many see as a big cause for that struggle – Crony Capitalism. On this episode, Jodi speaks with Nick Sorrentino, Co-founder of Against Crony… Read More

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Everyday Heroes Radio — Never Alone

Eight Native American tribes joined forces to create the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, a tribal non-profit organization in Anchorage, Alaska that is offering opportunities to Alaska Native and American Indian people residing in the Cook Inlet region. CITC is an innovative leader helping the people of their communities to pursue opportunities and develop their personal… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — Flint

Amidst any struggling community you will also find demonstrations of the best of humanity. On today’s episode, Jodi speaks with Jocelyn Hagerman of the Hagerman Foundation and Dr. Dallas Gatlin of Carriage Town Ministries, two heroes focused on the struggles of the people of Flint and how they can grow their way toward a stronger… Read More