This Organization Helps Students Defend Liberty on College Campuses

Many believe college campuses have become politically moribund, that the free exchange of ideas is no longer available to students. Professors teach from a specific slant while muzzling the expression of alternate views — particularly eschewing ideas like classical liberalism. And it’s not just in America where these concerns are rising, it’s also in Europe…. Read More


How Facts Turn People Into Heroes

James Agresti always liked facts. As a man who likes to keep up with politics, it proved especially handy when in conversation. Now, as president of JustFacts.com, he gets to sit with them all day long. “I always seemed to have facts at the tip of my tongue,” Agresti told Everyday Heroes Radio. “I was… Read More


This Organization Wants to Show Kids How to Be Good Sports

People tend to think that sports can be either fun or competitive; they don’t think it can be both. John O’Sullivan is here to tell you that’s not the case. O’Sullivan grew up playing sports and when it came time to see his kids go into athletics, he grew frustrated. “I was getting fed up… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — Good Sports

According to author John O’Sullivan, three-quarters of today’s youth drop out of sports by the time they’re 13. In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to O’Sullivan from Changing the Game and Kelly Morning of Think Kindness about how to get kids back into sports and teaching them about how to be good sports… Read More


The WorkFaith Connection Helps the Unemployed Get a Second Chance

Ten years ago, while running a for-profit business, Sandy Schultz decided to change her life’s direction so that she could help others to change theirs. She founded the WorkFaith Connection after seeing how difficult it was for people who had strayed off the path to return to a life of work, social interaction and community…. Read More

York Vision

Stand for the Silent Fights Against Bullying and Youth Suicide

Eleven-year-old Ty Smalley had been bullied relentlessly for two years. One day in 2010, he couldn’t take it anymore. He fought back against his bully, but was caught by school authorities, who thought he was causing a fight. Suspended for three days, Ty was distraught as his mother picked him up from school, took him… Read More


Donors Choose Helps Public School Teachers Get the Supplies They Need

Every campaign season, candidates focus their campaigns, at least partially, on making our schools better. Despite the government spending, on average, more than $12,000 per child (2012) every year, schools still lack supplies. Public school teachers, whose pockets are already tight, regularly spend their own money to provide essential items their students need. In 2000, public school teacher Charles… Read More