This Foundation Is Giving Their All to Save Coral Reefs

When was the last time you thought about coral reefs? Chances are, it’s not in the forefront of your mind. However, the Coral Reef Foundation (CRF) hopes to change that. At least a little. Coral reefs are essential for a healthy ocean. Not only do they protect coastlines from damaging waves and provide homes for… Read More


How One Man's Persistence Led to Cleaner Rivers in America

Chad Pregracke grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River in East Moline, Illinois. He played in the water, camped on the islands, and eventually started making a living as a commercial fisherman and shell diver. However, as Pregracke entered adulthood and began his career, he began noticing how polluted and trash-strewn the river… Read More

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The Society of St. Andrew Uses Gleaning to Feed the Hungry

“Most of the time people focus on the food banks giving away food, but they never have a clue where the food is coming from.” — Mike Hickcox, communications director for the Society of St. Andrew. Hickcox is right. We know that food pantries, food banks and food kitchens distribute food to the hungry. However,… Read More