This Bank Is Helping Retired Veterans Become Entrepreneurs

During this polarized political season, Bernie Sanders has made his mark by attacking Wall Street, whose profiteers are — in his assessment, anyway — nothing but greedy scavengers looting the landscape. By definition, banks are in it to make money. There’s no denying that sometimes immoral, cutthroat people run these companies. However, that doesn’t mean… Read More


Panera Cares Cafes Offer Pay-What-You-Can Options for Food Insecure Americans

Donating unused bread and baked goods to the needy is a heartwarming gesture. But a corporation starting a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can version of their for-profit stores? Now, that’s something to make any cynic pause. For years, Panera Bread has donated their day-old baked goods to homeless shelters, churches and charities. However, they’ve taken philanthropy to even… Read More


How Verizon's HopeLine Aids Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Trapped in a rural home, Jane wasn’t allowed to use her husband’s car. She wasn’t allowed to leave the house without permission, or even to take her children to the emergency room. Estranged from her family, Jane also had no friends thanks to her husband’s controlling nature. Beyond limiting Jane’s freedom, her husband would yell,… Read More


Some Banks Aren't As Heartless As You Think

Businessmen and women are out to make money. That’s no secret. But just because their goal is a financial return doesn’t mean they’re heartless Scrooges looking to squeeze pennies from every corner. In fact, you may be surprised to find out how much corporations give away every year, both in terms of money and time… Read More