Thank You From the Everyday Heroes Team

For almost a year, Everyday Heroes profiled charities, businesses and individuals that transformed their communities, showing that everyday heroes are alive and well in our nation. Our goal was to show that private enterprise care for the poor better than government agencies. Many of the organizations we talked to did their best to help people… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — Healthy Kids Outside

In this fun episode, Jodi speaks with Mark Carr, the founder of Healthy Kids Outside, about the role all adults have to help get kids outside. Learn more about how Mark is helping in this initiative at

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Everyday Heroes Radio — Jobs for Life

In this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi talks to Alex Ford, marketing and communications manager for Jobs for Life, an organization devoted to bringing the poor out of poverty by helping them find stable jobs. Please check out their website for more information:


Everyday Heroes Radio — Watchdogs

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks to Edgar County Watchdog founders John Kraft and Kirk Allen about how they are keeping their local officials in check. Visit their website at

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Team Rubicon Brings Relief to Victims of Natural Disasters

What do retired Marines do? Like retirees from any profession, a variety of things. But one thing remains consistent among all of them: They are Marines. And when disaster strikes, an inner voice tugs at their hearts to do something about it. That’s what happened to Jake Wood and William McNulty in 2010 when a… Read More

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This Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand Turned Into a Fundraising Institution

Alexandra Scott wasn’t even a year old when she was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. Her shocked parents found out she had neuroblastoma, and that even if she beat it, she would probably never walk. Alexandra had other ideas. She fought bravely and valiantly against the childhood cancer and succeeded by the age of 2 to… Read More


Everyday Heroes Radio — School Choice

It is National School Choice week and on today’s episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with some representatives who are doing their part to ensure that all kids, especially those within our nation’s inner cities, are not locked in bad schools, but instead have choices and opportunities through education. We hear from Colin Sharkey, the… Read More

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Operation Warm Manufactures Their Own Coats for Underprivileged Children

On a cold December day in 1998, Dick Sanford was driving through the streets of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, when he saw a group of children converged at a bus stop — not an uncommon scene, except that the children wore no coats. Horrified, Sanford drove to a store and bought its entire stock of coats,… Read More

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Everyday Heroes Radio — Heroes of Health Care

On this episode of Everyday Heroes, Jodi speaks with Barbara Colley about her experiences with health insurance through ObamaCare, and we hear from Barbara’s new Direct Primary Care physician Dr. Chad Savage. Then Jodi talks with Dr. Keith Smith, Co-Founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma to learn about the direct health care system beyond… Read More


How Calendars Are Helping Animals and Humans in Their Communities

Nothing is a more practical harbinger of a new year than a new calendar. But calendars these days offer more than dates and reminders of events — they may be humorous or cute and often have a higher purpose than reminding you of Aunt Jenny’s pending February visit. The folks at Microsoft have taken their… Read More